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How to Have Good Sex .

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From Saint Paul, Minnesota. Came to Atlanta right out of high school for college. I was going to be the next Spike Lee (this was before Tyler Perry) but the industry got on my nerves. Had fun though. Because a waitress until I decided what I wanted to do in life- on at that time until I got tired of it. When I got tired of it I went to massage school. Excellent grades, but was a financial struggle. I made it through.

Finally realized my purpose in life was to be a sexologist and therapist reading a book on masturbation- which is where I discovered there was such a thing as sexology. Before that I was an erotic poet all over Atlanta. I enjoyed the love from the crowd and fellow poets and the hate from the poets that knew they would never have a chance with me.

Been working on my degree for the last 3 years. Where did the time go?! I’m about to graduate highest honors. Began to pursue my massage career further in 2013 and began to take continuing ed courses to expand my expertise. What’s next? Not sure yet. Grad school is definitely in my future, however the option of medical school and Chinese medicine has come under my radar. Either way, I plan to help and educate people in the area of sexuality through mind/body integration. Visit my vblog at


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