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How To Turn Your Passion Into A Paycheck





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How To Turn Your Passion Into A Paycheck .

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Listen as A.L. Cooper and Alfonso Talk out Loud with special guest Chanda Brock, Michael McCain and Segment Contributor Leslie Peabody share tips and advice on how to turn your passion into a paycheck.

I am Chanda Kempson Brock, owner of Design Plus Me. I started this creative journey in 2006 after attending a few scrapbook parties little did I know I would become a craft crazy! In 2011 I started sewing. The beginning of my new found passion and business venture. I design children clothing, bibs, burp cloths and men bow ties. Starting Jan 2015 I will have a more upscale custom design of bow ties under the name J Kempson Styles. You can currently find my products on Amazon, 8 local GA boutiques and 1 in SC. Websites:

Dr. Michael McCain, best known as a motivational speaker, author. Yet there’s more to his experience and story Dr. McCain is also a poet, entrepreneur, life coach and spiritual teacher. Michael has a wide range of experience both in business and in the non-profit religious sector. Best known as the General in the Art of Strategic Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, The Author of “Prayerology” Michael McCain is a life coach, Prophetic voice and Ambassador of Hope. Dr. Michael McCain is a 21st Century World Leader who has partnered with business moguls, politicians, and church, civic and world leaders for more than 15 years to equip and empower millions to maximize their potential. As one of the leading voices of our time, he founded Dr. Michael McCain Enterprises Inc.(DMME),Kaleo University, as well as a conglomerate of companies and business to bring practical solutions to spiritual and social ills.
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