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Special Guest Author Dr. Antonio Webb talks One on One with A. L. Cooper About His Book and Life Journeys





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Special Guest Author Dr. Antonio Webb talks One on One with A. L. Cooper About His Book and Life Journeys .

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The odds were stacked against Antonio Webb, beginning with his childhood in Shreveport, Louisiana. Friends and family members were serving jail time, or addicted to drugs. Some close friends were even killed amidst the challenges of the neighborhood. With these influences in his life, it seemed he was destined to turn out the same way. While in high school, he developed an interest in biology and medicine and his grades earned him a spot in a local medical magnet program for disadvantaged students. After 17-year-old Webb graduated high school in the top 5% of his class, his father consented to let him join the U.S. Air Force, in 2001. While on his 8-year active duty commitment in the Air Force, Webb worked as a medic and simultaneously attended undergrad at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Webb became the first person in his family to hold a college degree. He was later deployed north of Baghdad, Iraq, where he served as a combat medic. While deployed, He treated just over 800 patients and earned several medals in the process. When he left the military in 2009, it was time to pursue his medical training full time, beginning with the Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies Program. From there, he was accepted into the renowned Georgetown University School of Medicine, Today, Dr. Antonio Webb is completing his residency at the University of Texas, San Antonio, specializing in Orthopedic Surgery. But that isn’t enough for the tireless and disciplined doctor. He’s putting the finishing touches on his first book, his life story, aptly titled Overcoming the Odds, and is frequently sought after for inspirational speaking engagements. Visit learn more about Dr. Antonio Webb.



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