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Why Is It Hard For Black Women To Find A Good Man





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Why Is It Hard For Black Women To Find A Good Man .

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Listen as Amanda, Alfonso and featured guest Author Shane Lorde discuss “175037_T5nK9hWfWhy Is It So Hard For Black Women To Find A Good Man!”

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the age of seven, Shane relocated to Marina Del Ray, California, where his gift of writing was first discovered in the fifth grade. He was challenged by his fifth grade teacher to write a creative story, which turned out to be impeccable.

Unknowingly to Shane, this would be the first work of a destined path. In junior high, during Shane’s era, the way to communicate with the young ladies was to write them a letter. Shane not only found himself receiving, but also writing a multitude of letters, honing his talent.

While attending high school, Shane continued to dig deep within himself, taking his writing skills far and be- yond, into writing poetry for young women. His poetry spread quickly throughout the school and surprisingly to him, young gentlemen went to Shane for his talent, as a way of expressing their feelings for women who had cap- tivated their interest.

Even though a small fee was being charged for his ability, Shane understood and liked the fact that this could very well be a financial blessing and a way of life for himself.
After high school, he headed for Atlanta, Georgia. He had many ups and downs, yet he continued to become endeavored with his prose and poetry, even making ap- pearances on stage, where he would perform his best of works.

Shane is a rising STAR with a passion for writing. He once said, “GOD treats his children in the way of an eagle. Even though their nest is located at one of the highest peaks, at the right time, the mother eagle will force its young to leave the nest, knowing that it is ready to fly. However, it is up to that baby eagle if he chooses to soar up high on the winds of life or to fail, just as the choice is yours. Follow him on Facebook at

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