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Dating Outside of the Box featuring Author Stacey Covington-Lee





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Dating Outside of the Box featuring Author Stacey Covington-Lee .

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In a time where people are falling short in the love department, A.L. Cooper and co-host Alfonso ask if dating outside the box is the answer to finding the perfect mate. Listen out loud as featured guest Author Stacey Covington-Lee provides her expert opinion regarding the matter and discusses her newest book.

Having fallen in love with literature at an early age, it only made sense for Stacey Covington-Lee to seek a career that would allow her to combine her passion for writing and her Communications education from Savannah State University. During her lengthy career in the insurance industry as an Instructional and PC Trainer, Stacey wrote and developed multiple training guides and manuals for both insurance companies and local government.
It was at the encouragement of a dear friend that Stacey wrote and released her first novel, The Knife In My Back. Continuing her exploration of love, friendship, and betrayal, she has since given us The Knife In My Back 2, Bitter Taste Of Love, Hate The Way He Loves Me, and her much anticipated, When Love Ain’t Enough: Rozalla and Vince.
Stacey is an Atlanta native and has found great enjoyment in visiting book clubs and speaking at various events throughout the Southeast region. She loves hearing from readers and invites everyone to visit her website,, follow her on Twitter (@covingtonlee) as well as Facebook ( and IG (scovingtonlee).


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